Breeders exchange experiences of taking care of animals

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Breeders and farm officials discussed livestock breeding technology, use of animal medicines and techniques for raising goats during a workshop at a farm in Kangyi Zone, Tatkon Township.
Head of Monghsat Township Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department Dr. Saw Htet Win led the workshop, while Head of Tatkon Township LBVD Dr. Kyi Than and farm officials also gave presentations at CP goat farm on Thursday. “We get invaluable experiences from the excursions at the goat farms in Yangon and townships in Nay Pyi Taw Council Area,” said U Kya Hei, a breeder from Mongton. “I breed 120 cows, 250 buffaloes and 200 goats at my farms. Experiences from visiting the farms in cities will be a force to extend my breeding farms.”
During the trip, the breeder team visited a poultry farm, a cattle farm, as well as goat and pig breeding farms in Tatkon Township.–Ko Myo (Shwe Paukkan): Photo: Chit Thamee

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