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  • The Republic of the Union of Myanmar abounds with natural scenic resources for the tourism industry. Among them, the beauty of Mergui Archipelago in the southern part of the country, and Mount Khakaborazi in northernmost Myanmar, are attractions enjoyed by both local and foreign visitors.
    Snow-capped Mount Khakaborazi, the highest in Myanmar, and other ice-covered mountains, are located in Puta-O district, Kachin State, in the northern part of the country. Being the most popular tourist attractions, the tourism industry in the region will surely create job opportunities for the local population simultaneously earning a significant amount of the nation’s income, but only if it is easy for tourists to reach these locations. For example, Golden Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang, Yunnan Province of China continues into Kachin State as a line of snow-capped mountains. While it is lower than Mount Khakaborazi, Mount Gamlang might yield to the latter mountains in their natural beauty. Yet, Mount Khakaborazi offers tranquility to tourists and visitors who will find it easy to travel to those areas, resulting in an influx of travelers almost every day.
    The tourism industry in China assures many conveniences for travelers—such as transporting passengers in vehicles to the foot of the mountain, continuing by cable-car to the middle, as well as climbing trips for adventurers. This assures that officials collect significant revenues from the tourism industry.
    Though having many tourist attractions that display natural beauty in the northern part of the country, Myanmar’s tourism industry has not thrived, as expected, because of inconvenient transportation and a lack of tranquility in the areas. These continuing problems have caused Kachin State, as well as Myanmar, to lose many opportunities.
    Only if peace can first be brought about, will the country see progress in the nation’s development. However, there is not yet total tranquility in Kachin State. At such a time when the country is marching towards creating a Democratic Federal Republic, all individuals have the right to enjoy the benefits of their regions. It is of great importance to cooperate in negotiations. For as long as there are arguments about differing views and religions, the country will not move ahead in national development. It will lose opportunities for the nation and its people.
    Due to lack of regional tranquility, construction of major roads cannot be successfully carried out. In the rainy seasons, people are still finding it difficult to travel in the mud along the 218-mile-long Myitkyina-Puta-O route. Due to such poor roads, Puta-O town-dwellers are paying double the price for common products, compared to those in Myitkyina. By seeing this, it can easily be guessed about expensive prices in the regions of Naung-Mon and Pan Nan Ding, which are rich in natural scenic spots, but only accessible on foot. In such a situation, how will the local people and government staff survive?
    During the administration of the current government these situations have been overcome. Now people can make the trip between Myitkyina and Puta-O, which once took three nights, in four hours by car. As a result, prices of commodities dropped significantly. This is the consequence of convenient transportation in Kachin State. Had the entire Kachin State region achieved tranquility, development and conveniences in the area would be greater and, indeed, beyond our expectations.
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