Broad-mindedness is a good mirror to explore insight into ourselves

perspectivesAll the worldly men cannot find their faults and weak points by themselves. When another body criticized them, they felt upset about criticism as they never tried to review their acts, defending with many reasons whether these are reasonable or not.
Those in political or the administrative sector need more understanding about criticism than ordinary people. No one in the world cannot be free from criticism or prejudice. A critic may not be well educated, younger or lesser experience compared with another one under criticism. In Buddhism chronicle, a young novice criticized the very senior monk with a wide knowledge in Dhamma after the Buddha about small mistake in dressing style of robe. When the young novice never got angry at the novice’s criticism, reviewed himself and found his fault. The senior monk confessed his fault which is against the guidance of the Buddha in dressing.
In the chronology of Myanmar, almost all the successive kings and administrations practiced authoritarianism. The regimes were not familiar with parliamentary system in which any idea, suggestion or proposal can be discussed and debated from the different views. Then a reasonable solution could be found.
As many Myanmar generations passed through authoritarianism, criticism is responded with aggressive and belligerent manners, with intrinsic nature and belief and without reviewing themselves.
No one can see their images with their bare eyes. Any reflecting objects will be needed to see their images which may be real or virtual. But we should not blame on the reflecting objects around us as they are revealing what we are happening.

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