Broaden the horizon of youths through Youth and Literature Festival


The Youth and Literature Festival will be launched at the Wunna Theikdi Stadium in Nay Pyi Taw from 29 to 31 January 2022, aimed at developing the human resources of youths.
Indeed, the development of human resources for the youths cannot be endowed with learning the school education alone. Youths must have a wider scope of knowledge. Hence, they have to read various genres of literature. Only when they have to read will their critical thinking be higher to bring honour to the State and the nationality.
The Youth and Literature Festival also aims to initiate the reading habit of the youths for building the nation through good ideology and attitude and for forging the nationalistic spirit.
Due to immaturity and lesser experiences, youths may be weakly incapable of criticizing and analyzing the natural and universal truths like cause and effect, right and wrong, and good and bad. They should have extremely critical thinking in a correct manner. They have to make decisions based on farsightedness. Only when they read good literature will they be mature based on the developed ideologies.
Nowadays, the global countries are facing the consequences of booming the advanced technologies in a short time. The quick improvement of technologies shapes the world as a village in a globalization process. The advancement of technologies is based on the development of human resources. The country where there are a large number of readers will have development.
The government is striving for the development of the youth sector with initiative for having physical and mental qualifications. Those youths are a reserve force for the State to serve the responsibilities of the nation so as to serve the interests of the country and the nationals. If they have a wider scope of knowledge through reading, they will have the capability to shape themselves to become good and able citizens as well as to build the nation better through their experiences.
Reading can change the mindsets of readers. If so, the youths who read a lot can improve their mindsets leading to the best path to their visions. All the ages of youths have to choose fiction and non-fiction literature to improve their mental power. Hence, they should march to the Youth and Literature Festival not to miss the chance to choose the best genres of literature.

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