Bronze casting industries booming in Mandalay with many orders to cast images

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Bronze Buddha images in various sizes seen at a site of bronze casting industry in Mandalay. Photo : Maung Aye Chan

There are a large number of customers who place orders for bronze images and portraits in the bronze casting industries in Mandalay, said U Aung Aung Moe, owner of a bronze casting industry from Amarapura Township, Mandalay Region.
At present, those who work with the bronze casting and trading are doing well because there are depositors and buyers.
As for the prices, the prices are set depending on the sizes of the portrait images and the sizes of the cast bronze images.
“There are a large number of customers who place orders related to bronze casting and who place portraits. These days, three feet and 3.5 feet high bronze statues are marketable. Almost every shop is doing well. As for the portraits, the price is based on the sizes. In the case of bronze statues, the price of bronze is rising now, so I am only speaking as an estimated price,” said U Aung Aung Moe.
“The exact price is calculated after buyers have confirmed the order. We will do it with the best craftsmanship and the best bronze to make the customer happy. Since 50 years ago, we have been sustaining the craftsmanship and quality of the images. We will continue to work harder,” he said.
In the bronze casting business, the focus is on the portrait work, along with the making of the bronze Buddha images with various hand postures. These bronze statues and portraits are being delivered and sold to the customers from all over Upper and Lower Myanmar areas. It is reported that the bronze casting business is doing well at the moment.—Maung Aye Chan/KZL

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