Brown sesame, peanut prices high in domestic market


Growers from the central arid zone reaped a handsome profit from the sale of brown sesame and peanuts due to increasing demand from China, according to growers.
A broker from Salin Township said the market in Mandalay is better than that of other regions. Growers earn a healthy price, thanks to the increasing demand from China. Almost 3,000 baskets of newly harvested sesame from two townships enter the market on a daily basis.
Sesame is one of the most useful products for making herbal medicines, foodstuffs and edible oil. The high price of sesame may be linked with the damage to sesame plantations cased by heavy rains in some townships.
In Yenangyoung market, the prices of brown sesame rose to Ks45,000 from Ks35,000 per basket last week, while peanut prices went up to Ks2,500 from Ks1,700 per viss (3.6 lb).
The township Department of Agriculture is making continuous efforts to boost the annual production of sesame. The township saw 42,975 acres of sesame plantations last year and the number increased to 56,615 this year.—Shwe Nya Tha (Yenangyoung)

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