Buddha Image conveyed to Mucalinda Nagayon Buddha Image chamber, Maha Bodhi banyan tree planted on Kason full moon day

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing attended the ceremonies to convey the Buddha Image to Mucalinda Nagayon Buddha Image chamber and grow a Maha Bodhi banyan tree in the precinct of Maravijaya Buddha Park in Dekkhinathiri Township of Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory yesterday morning as part of performing meritorious deeds on Kason full moon day.
At the auspicious time, the Senior General pressed the button to convey the Buddha image to the chamber.
The Senior General and party sprinkled Paritta scented water on the Mucalinda Buddha Image.
Afterwards, the Senior General and party fed fish in Mucalinda Lake. When the Lord Buddha stayed under the Mucalinda tree, a territorial rain hit there. But, the Mucalinda dragon rounded its body to give a seat and shelter to the Lord Buddha against the rain. Mucalinda Nagayon Buddha Image in Maravijaya Buddha Park was built in accord with the Buddhism treatises and advice of venerable Buddhist monks.
Then, the ceremony to grow a Maha Bodhi banyan tree took place at Maravijaya Buddha Park in commemoration of the Kason full moon day of Buddha Day.
The Senior General, his wife and party recited Yadanattaya Puja and Sabbasangaha Gatha. The Senior General placed pieces of jewellery in the place where a Maha Bodhi banyan tree will be planted.
The Senior General planted a Maha Bodhi banyan tree at the designated place and fed fertilizer to it. The Maravijaya Buddha Image is being built with the aim of showing flourishing Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar to the world, to be a focal point of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar, to ensure the peace and prosperity of the nation and to be a peaceful and prosperous world. Carving of the Buddha image has been completed by 95 per cent and the Buddha park, 83.3 per cent. — MNA/TTA

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