Buddha’s Day, the Full Moon of Kason


Ba Sein (Religious Affairs)

The Buddha’s Day, the Full Moon of Kason falls on 21st May 2016.
We Buddhists across the world and all well aware of the Buddha’s Day, the Full Moon of Kason because over 2558 years ago, our unrivalled Omniscient Buddha was born on the day of the Full Moon of the month of Kason, upon which He attained the Enlightenment at the age of thirty-five and also upon which He attained Parinibbana (passed away) at the age of eighty.
In commemoration of these three  significant and holy events associated with the precious life of the Buddha, the Buddhist peoples celebrate the Buddha’s Day, the Full Moon of the month of Kason.
The month of Kason mostly falls on one of the days of the last week of the month of April or on one of the days of the first or the second week of the month of May every year according to calendar.
All Buddhists throughout the world also know that the most important of the Buddhist festivals is Vesakha or Vesakha festival. Vesakha is the name of an Indian month, the month of May. We all Buddhist communities all over the would heartily comprehend that our Omniscient Gotama Buddha attained the Enlightenment under the sacred Bodhi Tree at Buddhagaya in India early in the morning on the Full Moon Day of Kason (Vesakha), unaided and unguided by any supernatural agency but solely relying on His own efforts, the consciousness of true insight possessed Him. Having attained the Enlightenment or Buddhahood, the supreme state of perfection, He devoted the remainder of His precious life to serving humanity.
The Sacred Bodhi Tree (Bo Tree)
All of Buddhist peoples know that the sacred Bodhi Tree (Bo Tree) is a sacred tree having comprehensive and significant associations with our unrivalled Omniscient Buddha. The Buddha-to-be, Prince Siddhattha fully attained the Enlightenment or the Buddhahood under the shade of the Bodhi Tree, which is said to have been ‘’born’’ simultaneously with Him.
Thus the sacred Bodhi Tree is a signified image of worship as a worthy Paribhoga cetiya or shrine in Buddhist countries. Therefore, Buddhist peoples across the world pay respect to the sacred Bodhi Tree that has sacred associations with the unrivalled Omniscient Buddha.
Auspicious Celebration of the Buddha’s Day or Vesakha Festival
It is learnt that all Buddhist peoples in Buddhist countries throughout the world respectfully celebrate the Buddha’s Day or Vesakha Festival in accordance with their culture and traditions every year. The generous Buddhist people in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar pay respectful visit to pagodas, shrines and monasteries in the evening of the Buddha’s Day, Full Moon of the month of Kason to perform pouring clean water on the sacred Bodhi Trees existed there.

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