Build up a civil service all our people can be truly proud of

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  • The incumbent government, since taking office, has been making efforts to accomplish distinct victories in its democratic reforms, including the public services.
    To achieve success in the reforms, and to gain the trust of the people in their public servants, is sine qua non.
    A capable and committed civil service, founded on the principles of integrity, impartiality and accountability, is the backbone of democratic governance.
    Hence, an administrative institution, such as the General Administration Department-GAD, which is directly dealing with the people, must avoid corruption and hampering the fundamental rights of the citizens of the country, while they are performing administrative tasks or implementing the rule of law to ensure that they are exercising their duties properly, without damaging the interest of the people.
    Each and every one of us in public office or public service has a fundamental responsibility: to operate in the public interest. Identifying and striving to serve the public interest is the most important thing we can do.
    To work in the interest of the people, and to provide services to them in accordance with the law, government employees are obliged to try to understand the difficulties the people are facing.
    The nationwide One Stop Shops are playing an important role in providing basic services to the people.
    There are 316 One Stop Shops (OSS) opened in townships across the country. The OSS seek to administer a smoother experience, when providing basic services for the public, while simultaneously preventing bribery and corruption, and encouraging best service provider practices.
    Corruption has a corrosive effect on trust and on good governance, as well as on the reputation of the civil service and its staff. Moreover, corruption places the interests of the few above the interests of the many, and thus undermines the central principle of democracy: government on behalf of the people.
    Additionally, to build a government machinery with great dignity, public servants who are dealing with the people should avoid taking measures only when they are instructed by superiors or pointed out by the media.
    Employees of the General Administration Department must build themselves up to become model staff members, and people will rely upon the administrative machinery if it can guarantee community peace under the rule of law, allowing people to devote themselves to their livelihoods.
    Hence, we would like to urge governmental employees to work hard to become good public servants, while helping the people by displaying sympathy and empathy. For only then will our people be truly proud of your service.
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