Building a federal union through farsightedness and in ways that are magnanimous


Today’s transition to democracy can be considered the fruits of the 1988 democracy movement. Though we can not say that our democracy has yet reached its full-fledged stage, we do have democratic institutions, such as the government and parliaments, with lawmakers elected by the people.
While building democratic foundations and making efforts to develop the country, challenges caused by the evil legacy of the non-democratic period have delayed the country’s march towards the goal of democracy.
Among the challenges still to be overcome include solving the internal conflicts and gaining a total peace, amending the 2008 constitution, boosting the country’s economy, providing the people with substantial livelihoods and security, and promoting the education and public health care systems, all of which remain the top priorities of the government.
Joint Implementation of Coordination Meeting on the NCA is expected to be resumed soon.
While discussions were held to ensure coordination on the government side, there were numerous discussions within the ten NCA-S EAOs. Also, efforts were made for everyone to come along, and much had to be done to balance all sides so that there was no friction.
During the four years, there would be eight sessions of Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong, if they were held twice a year, as planned.
There would be many more agreements than the 51 points so far agreed to, and a federal foundation would have been laid.
However, it is sad to see that we could not hold the Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panglong as scheduled. Everyone was held responsible for this. There was a need to strive towards convening the 21st Century Panglong, in ways which were responsible and transparent.
The anniversary of the NCA will be held tomorrow, marking that we, the brethren of the union, have been working together for four years to bring about a total peace to the country, while overcoming challenges and difficulties.
What we have worked for is not for our personal gains, but for the people of the country. We all understand that we can not, in one day, solve the political problems we faced for over 70 years.
Besides, to build a peace, a ceasefire is not enough.
We need to amend the constitution based upon democratic principles, to ensure that the constitution can guarantee equality to all ethnic peoples. To achieve this, the lawmakers elected by the people are working diligently in the parliament to find solutions for the many problems.
Building a nation is not an easy job, and needs to move forward step by step with farsightedness and in ways that are magnanimous.

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