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  • Public participation is the main driving force behind the development of a nation, regardless of its administrative or political system. Above all, the success of national development undertakings depends on the unanimous involvement of the people. Although national development is the aspiration of both the leaders and the public, we can achieve progress, in accordance with the objectives, only if the needs and goals of the people are met, and strong bonds of interaction are established between the leaders and the people.
    If people appreciate that they too are stakeholders in politics, the country’s leaders will enjoy ardent public support, and that is the best way to bring about active public involvement in the political affairs of the country. With the aim of broadening the scope of public involvement in the drive for democracy, the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Information is running community centers across the nation.
    “A community center is a meeting point, where residents of all ages of a locality deal with domestic affairs and other necessary issues. These centers serve as a platform not only for the whole community but also for individuals to conduct social affairs and express social needs. Many countries are also running community centers,” said the Union Minister for Information while explaining the goals and reasons for opening the centers and their usefulness.
    A community center is neither a government office nor a branch of any business or private organization. It is a public place where people can discuss social or communal or individual affairs and requirements freely, or share information, seek knowledge, or learn vocational education, among other things. Community centers also serve as venues for roundtable talks, forums, training courses, competitions, and exhibitions. But, it is important that the people use the centers, which are offering various services for them, effectively.
    Democracy calls for high intellectual power and wisdom or the abundance of valued added human resources, and community centers can serve as the foundation for this clarion call. Better services at the centers will further cement and improve relations and add to public knowledge. So, they can be inclusive platforms for rallying public support in the drive for democracy, and in building a democratic federal Union, envisaged by the entire country.
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