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The Minimum Wage Law has been enacted by the Hluttaws since March 2013 and its rules were approved by the government in July the same year. Therefore, it is nearly two years since the law and rules were approved.
Meanwhile, efforts were exerted for the law to be enforced by collecting data for household expenses of workers across the country by employee organizations with the help of the International Labour Organization, and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has asked the organizations to send their data for setting the minimum wage by 31 January, according to news reports, which even suggested that the minimum wage can be enforced in 2015. It is sure that the law will be beneficial for workers as well as employers as the data are collected in the entire country.
It can be said that the minimum wage for workers has come closer to reality with some employer and employee organizations sending their suggestions on minimum wage to the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security. It is important that the set minimum wage is acceptable for both employers and employees as they are depending on each other. When both sides see each other as business partners rather than employers and employees, their workplace will be a nicer place to work in.

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