Buthidaung monitors H1N1

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Dr Than Tun Kyaw comforts patient at Buthidaung Township general hospital. Photo: Myo Thu Hein

The H1N1 virus is being closely watched in Buthidaung, Rakhine State, with educational efforts and ongoing testing being performed, according to a medical doctor of the township hospital.
“As a close-watch measure, severe cases of illness, sneezing, coughing and pneumonia are being treated and tested to be able to keep them under control. Until now, no cases were found concerning outbreaks that affect the respiratory system. But educative measures are being made including having posters erected to reduce people’s worries”, said Dr. Than Tun Kyaw, of Buthidaung Township General Hospital.
“H1N1 is a curable disease, not needing to have any worries. Suspected patients will be given medical treatment and watched closely.”
Buthidaung Township hospital is a 50-bed facility where its 157 staff members have been providing medical care. Vaccinations against curable diseases have been administered, and polio patients are being given oral polio vaccines. Though the designated date for oral polio vaccines was originally 21 to 25 July, the programme was started 16 July due to over-population in the region. Medical officials said the effort was met with “100-per cent success”. Also, as a measure against malaria, medicated mosquito nets were provided to local people.


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