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Cabbage from PyinOoLwin, Aungban areas fetches record prices

Cabbage from PyinOoLwin and Aungban areas are offered higher price this month at the Thirimarlar green grocery market in Aungmyethazan District, Mandalay Region, according to cabbage depots in the market.
About five to six 12-wheel truckloads of cabbages are daily supplied to the market. The price is higher than the previous months. The maximum price of a cabbage was K150-K200 in the wholesale market last month. At the present time, the cabbage prices reached a high of K700-K800, said U Aung Moe Naing, an owner of Aung warehouse in Mandalay.
“Aungban and PyinOoLwin areas are the main supplier of cabbage for now. The declining acreage of cabbage pushed the prices up. The market sees a daily supply of five to six truckloads of cabbage. Demand from various regions also drove the price up. The growers do a roaring trade,” he continued.
Along with high cabbage prices, the prices of other vegetables such as potato, cucumber, tomato, mustard, chili pepper, chayote, eggplant, kidney beans, podded peas and cauliflower went up as well. The market has a regular supply of fresh produce.—Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)/GNLM

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