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CAD says complaint can be made in purchasing EVs, chargers

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Myanmar has been bringing in electric vehicles (EVs) under the customs tariff relaxation through seaborne and border trade routes. The photo shows several imported EV taxis.

The Consumer Affairs Department notified on 26 April that complaints can be made for any loss and dissatisfaction in purchasing Electric Vehicles (EVs) and chargers.
The Department is protecting consumer rights and benefits by looking forwards to food safety and consumer product safety and trying to improve the quality of goods and services. Consumers can file a complaint if they are dissatisfied with the service or products or if false or misleading advertising that harms the rights of consumers under the Consumer Protection Law.
There are 48 Consumer Information and Complaint Centers (CICC) in Nay Pyi Taw, regions and states. Consumers can make complaints by dialling 1535 of the Consumer Call Centre.
Myanmar Investment Commission also released a statement on 15 February that electric vehicles and related businesses will be promoted as the priority sector, according to its notification dated 15 February.
In the exercise of the power conferred by sections 43 and 100 (B) of Myanmar Investment Law, the MIC issued this statement with the approval of the Union government.
Enterprises executing installation, manufacturing and restoration services of the EVs, renewable electricity generation, EVs charging service businesses, electric vehicle battery production, EV battery and related service business, electric bus operation services, electric taxi and transportation service businesses and scientific research development business are included in those priority sectors.
During the establishment and ideation phase for incorporation and operations, those businesses can seek permits from the MIC to enjoy tariff relief or zero-customs tariff status and the exemption for other taxes levied in the country under Section 77 (A) of the Myanmar Investment Law and income tax exemption under Section 75 (C) of the Myanmar Investment Law for the importation of machinery, essential equipment and accessories, spare parts and construction raw materials that cannot be found in domestic markets.
Myanmar has been bringing in electric vehicles (EVs) under the customs tariff relaxation through seaborne and border trade routes, according to the Ministry of Commerce. – NN/EM

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