Campaign speeches of political parties not edited for broadcasting on MRTV and publishing in dailies


Some rumours are circulating on social media that public campaign speech of National Democratic Force party was edited before being broadcast on Myanma Radio and Television and being published in the state-owned newspapers.
In accordance with the guidelines of Union Election Commission, campaign speeches for 2020 General Election of 31 parties were produced at MRTV in Nay Pyi Taw (Tatkon) and those of 54 parties at MRTV in Yangon (Pyay Road) beginning 6-9-2020.
These political parties were allowed for one rehearsal before the final shooting to meet a specific duration for their programme. After each shooting, the programme was shown to the responsible persons of political parties for their approval before broadcasting.
MRTV broadcast campaign speeches of political parties in one scene-one shot after the long take (continuous shot) in shooting time. If any error and fault occurred during the shooting, the programme was shot from the beginning. Campaign speeches of political parties were not edited. Similarly, the state-owned dailies published the whole texts of campaign speeches from broadcasting without making any editing.
The approval of speakers from respective political parties for the final version of their campaign speech programmes were also recorded at MRTV. Campaign speeches of political parties were broadcast on TV channels, MRTV Facebook page. Campaign speech of every political party was also posted on Facebook. The campaign speech programmes can be checked and viewed in the recorded video files of MRTV Facebook page.
Therefore, MRTV and the dailies of the Ministry of Information did not edit the campaign speeches of political parties, including the National Democratic Force party.

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