Camps, training camps of Assam, Kathe insurgents captured near NSCN (K) Camp which bases around Takar Village of Naga Self-Administered Zone

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A combined security force comprising Assam rifle troops and police under control of Indian Army arrested five men and four women, totalling nine from NDFB-S armed group (the National Democratic Front of Bodoland-Sangbijit) along with small arms such as AK-47 and AK-45, pistol and ammunition near Jagun Village of Tinsukia District at the boundary between Assam State and Arunachal Pradesh State on 2 December 2018.
Indian news agencies namely Indian Defence News, TIMESNOWNEWS.COM, the Shillong Times, Daily News & Analysis (DNA) stated that those insurgents who have attended the military training at their camp inside Myanmar were arrested while making attempts to re-enter India.
Based on preliminary scrutiny, the information was exposed that it may be related to NSCN (K) group. As NSCN (K) group signed the preliminary agreement on securing peace with the Sagaing Region government, it was allowed to temporarily base in the bilaterally-agreed Takar region in order to carry out peace and stability and development tasks in Naga region. Sometimes, the military columns discharging security duties in the region enter the sites of NSCN (K) group and connect with them under continuous monitoring and provide necessary assistance, said the news released by the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services.
Whenever the Tatmadaw finds suspects, the Tatmadaw always warns them to maintain the agreements and promises as part of considering their peace attitude and prestige of group because it is an organization which preliminarily agreed to secure peace.
The related information mentioned that NSCN (K) group allows some illegal armed groups, which are opposing India, in disguise of NSCN (K) group and to live in the area near their camps. As Myanmar holds the concept that it does not allow and accept bases of any insurgents opposing each government from neighbouring countries, news was gathered and analyzed together with ground information. Hence, suspected evidences were firmly found that some Assam and Kathe insurgents deploy their strengths in NSCN (K) Camp near Takar Village in Naga Self-Administered Zone of Sagaing Region and its surrounding areas in the disguise of NSCN (K) group and may conduct military training. As such, military columns went there to perform proper security measures.
The Tatmadaw could occupy two outposts and two training schools about 6,500 meters and about 2,800 meters in the southwest of Takar Village, one temporary outpost about 1,800 meters in the north of Takar Village and one outpost around 1,600 meter in the west of Takar village respectively from 29 January to 1 February.
The Tatmadaw arrested six members of NSCN (K), two members of the Kathe insurgents, along with 11 small weapons of different kinds and ammunition and related items.
Moreover, the Tatmadaw took hold of the evidence that Kathe and Assam insurgents resided and relevant documents on links with NSCN (K).
Moreover, a military column on duty of taking security measures in Tonzang Township of Chin State on 30 October 2018 performed appropriate security operations against an MPA Kathe insurgent camp, 800 metres north of Khota Village and captured the camp together with five assorted small arms, ammunition, related equipment, MPA badges and their utensils.
As the NSCN (K) violated the sub-paragraphs (C, D and E) of paragraph (1) of the preliminary agreement signed with the Sagaing Region Government for building peace, necessary action will be taken against the NSCN (K). No opposing organizations to India are allowed to reside in Naga Self-Administered Zone. Tatmadaw columns will go on taking security measures for the prevalence of regional stability and peace, according to the news released by the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services.



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