By A.W. Khin Myat Phone
Grade 11A, BEHS 4, Botahtaung

cartoon fram 72When we were young, we all loved watching cartoons. And when we become older, still we are loving them. So, why is this? Why do we all love watching them? Truly simple.Because they can give us a cool pleasure as they contain wholesome entertainment,they all are clean and suitable for all ages. Kids and adults.Every cartoon film has something special for its viewers. Especially a lesson or a message.That’s one of the inclusions that both parents and children enjoy watching them.
To consider all about cartoon files, we shouldn’t forget Mr. Walt Disney, one of the greatest pioneers of cartoon films. He was a cartoonist who opened the door to a new world, full of everyone’s favourite characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Dumbo and little girls’ princesses; Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and many else. Each of these films makes a childhood life complete for every kid on this planet. Besides these long-ago cartoons, this company is now making astonishingly wonderful live-action films, fantasies and as well new cartoon films theses days. Similarly, they again gain million loves from film lovers around this globe.
Zootopia, Sing, Despicable Me, The Incredibles, The Minions, Hotel Transylvania are at the top of the list of the favourites that today people are fond of. Since they provide us messages like goodness, truthfulness and honesty always prevail, parents are keen to take their youngs to the cinemas where these great cartoons are showing and let them enjoy happily. For example, in “The Incredibles” and “Despicable Me”, there is one good single message and it is that “ The good always win the bad” and teach the viewers to emulate good characters and habits and to abhor the bad ones. It is a nice scenery to see people applauding the hero and booing the bad guys and villains.
Next, in the cartoon, “Up”, the message given is not to sit down drying. We have to wake up, stand up and chase our dreams in real life just like the old man did in the film. His house flying in the endless blue sky with countless numbers of colourful balloons is the scene which makes us see that only our rainbow-coloured dreams can make us feel young, free and get precious experiences by facing new challenges in our life.The saying, “You only fail when you stop trying”, is highlighted in the cartoon, “ Sing”, which was one of the box office hits of 2016.If we really do, our dreams will come true and what we only have to do is try, try, try.
My all-time favourite cartoon film is Pixar and Disney’s “CoCo”. It gets me always even if I hear a word of it. As soon as my ears hear the two words, “ CoCo”, the shadows of this cartoon film fills my eyes and the colours in it develop like dramatic clouds in my black eyes then it’s masterpiece songs start whispering in both of ears at the same time. At the first time I saw it, I fell so much in love with it. I have never fallen too deeply for a cartoon but “CoCo” is completely my zing. A father’s courage and love, love of a daughter for her father, spirit of music and the traditions of Mexicans are introduced in this film and make the viewers vividly see that even after death, a parent’s love his loves to child never dies away. I believe that the others who have seen this as well enjoy it like I do. If you haven’t, I want to recommend to watch it and feel the taste of its song, “Remember Me”.The story is a very touching one. The animation has nothing to talk about.
On the other hand, there are also educational cartoons like, “ Sesame Street” and “Cookie Monster Show” for under six-year-olds. “Pink Panther” and “Tom and Jerry” never leave cartoon lovers’ hearts. Nowadays, the majority of films produced are sometimes unsuitable for youngsters as they are too violent, and contain killings, eerie horrors, rated scenes and some annoying emotional contents. To keep our little ones away from these is to make them live cartoon films before they become extremely addicted to other genre which can wreck their irreplaceable childhood happiness.
Well, all in all, there are also pointless cartoons but they only a percent in one hundred. To sum up, cartoons are the most suitable things to watch on TV during free time that all family members can enjoy together. As all children love cartoon characters, who else would be in better position in teaching them their important life lessons?

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