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Casualties, losses and damage registered across nation

2305 sskm

Tatmadaw members join in the clear-up tasks in storm-battered Rakhine State.

The casualties, losses and damage in Myanmar caused by the severe cyclonic storm Mocha in the Bay of Bengal on 14 May are being released in a timely manner.
According to the investigation until 18 May noon, 12 houses, three religious buildings, one monastery, three schools, one airport building, eight lamp posts, one transformer, one departmental building, one wall were damaged and destroyed in 44 wards and villages of Nay Pyi Taw Council Area while 129 houses, one religious building, two monasteries, one school, two hospital/clinic, four lamp posts, 30 departmental buildings and one football field in 24 wards and villages of Chin State, three houses, six telecom towers, two lamp posts, one transformer, 26 walls and three bridges in 23 wards and villages of Sagaing Region, 113 houses, two telecom towers and one lamp post in 72 wards and villages of Bago Region, four houses, 14 lamp posts, 67 walls, 156 seasonal crop cultivation fields and one bridge in 34 wards and villages of Magway Region, four religious building in one village of Mandalay Region, one house, one monastery, one school and 14 lamp posts in four wards and villages of Mon State, 182,598 houses, 300 offices, 1,352 schools, 220 hospitals and clinics, 1,701 religious buildings and 1,014 losses in 17 townships of Rakhine State, 31 houses, one religious building, one monastery, seven schools, two telecom towers, 60 lamp posts, two transformers, six departmental buildings, two football fields and 34 walls in 65 wards and villages of Yangon Region, two houses, one monastery and one school in one village of Shan State, 131 houses, one religious building, five monasteries, 32 schools, five hospital/clinic, nine lamp posts, three departmental buildings and four losses in 114 wards and villages of Ayeyawady Region.
Therefore, according to the data on 18 May noon, a total of 183,024 houses, 1,711 religious buildings, 59 monasteries, 1,397 schools, 227 hospitals and clinics, 11 telecom towers, 119 lamp posts, five transformers, one market, two airport buildings and 340 departmental buildings were destroyed in respective regions and states, and 54 locals were killed.
In the cyclone-affected areas, the rescue teams in respective regions and states are undertaking rescue and relief measures together with volunteer organizations, and officials concerned went to the sites and provided necessary assistance. — MNA/KTZH

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