Entrance to Yadana Zanaung Pagoda.

Visit to Calm & Clean Pasawng

By Thiha, the Traveller My trip to Kayah State ended in Pasawng. I returned from the town for various reasons […]

The results of 2020 Myanamr Matric Exam were announced at the exam centres concerned nationwide on 10 August.  Photo: MNA

The Matriculation Examination Results

By Lokethar The Matriculation examination results are out and so are the criticisms. Objectively speaking the Matriculation system is necessary […]

Buddha Image at Kyaikmaraw Hsutaungpyae Pagoda.

Towards Kyaikmaraw

By Maung Tha (Archaeology) I remembered a writing pad I preferred with a cover illustrated with thriving toddy palm plants […]

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