CBM, Defence Ministry, Nay Pyi Taw Council hold press conference on second one-year performance

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From left to right, Permanent Secretary of Minstry of Defence Brig-Gen Aung Kyaw Hoe, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Myanmar U Soe Thein, Nay Pyi Taw Council Secretary U Sai Thawda Win. photo: myanmar news agency

The Central Bank of Myanmar, Ministry of Defence and Nay Pyi Taw Council held a press conference on their performance in second one-year in office yesterday in Nay Pyi Taw.
Central Bank of Myanmar
At the press conference, Deputy Governor U Soe Thein said in FY 2017-2018 they achieved the nation’s projected 7 per cent economic growth through the 5.5 per cent inflation rate while the reserved fund increased by 16 per cent and total money supply was kept at 23 per cent.
During FY 2017-2018 the Central Bank of Myanmar has had 24 deposit auctions and each one generated approximately Ks307 billion with the surplus money taken back off the market.
The Central Bank signed the meeting minute with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on 5 January 2016 to ensure the CBN-NET (RTGS/Real-Time Gross Settlement) system was up to international standards. The Central Bank and the Internal Revenue Department have collaborated to make it possible for the public to make online tax payments using the CBN-NET system customer credit transfer function by February 2019.
The Central Bank has upgraded from MPU Switch to EMV Card Migration for better retail payment systems and the international standard QR code. The messaging standard was also modeled in accord with ISO 20022 and the ASEAN framework was adopted for cross border payments.
The Central Bank has received technical assistance from payment experts to realise payment system oversight under the World Bank Loan Project 2017-2021 so as to achieve an effective and secure payment system.
The Central Bank has acquired the assistance for international statistics from the International Monetary Fund and is going forward with BPM6 after successfully calculating the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual Fifth Edition (BPM5). The international transactions reporting systems (ITRS) was also upgraded for better compatibility between banks and the BPM6.
The Central Bank has collaborated with partner organisations for Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act (AML/CFT) and has drawn the National Level AML/CFT Mutual Evaluation, a national strategic plan, amended The Anti-Money Laundering Law with related ministries.
The Central Bank has given AML/CFT prevention and risk awareness programmes, compiling institutional profiles for banks, categorised predicted losses for depositors and deposited money with the AML/CFT risk management questionnaire, and implemented a risk-based approach in banks.
The Central Bank has permitted private banks to open a total of 1,653 branches throughout the country and the formation of 25 non-bank entities for money lending.
The Central Bank has permitted banks to offer mobile banking services for people in areas with no branch banks. Currently there are nine mobile banking services. Two mobile network operators and a non-bank entity were also permitted to provide mobile financial services.

Ministry of Defence
Brig-Gen Aung Kyaw Hoe, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, carries out rescue, evacuation and rehabilitation tasks whenever disasters such as strong wind, flooding and earthquakes hit the country.
The Ministry of Defence spend over Ks35 million on emergency aid and reconstruction and repair of religious edifices, monasteries, houses, schools, and hospitals when they were damaged by strong wind in 2017.
When flood occurred in regions and states in 2017 due to torrential rain, the Tatmadaw evacuated over 4,000 households and delivered aid worth over Ks18 million.
Since 2016, the Tatmadaw have supplied over 127 tons of goods and over Ks890 million to the victims of the disasters.
One of the significant achievements of the Ministry of Defence during the second one-year period of the incumbent government is the shipment of over 165 tons of aid and donations of over Ks300 million by the Tatmadaw to Rakhine State when the state was struck by Cyclone Mora.
Prevention of recruiting minors for military service
The Union Government and the Country Task Force on Monitoring and Reporting acted on grave violations against children (CTFMR).
The Office of the President formed a Committee for the Prevention of Recruitment of Minors in Military Services with 12 members on 11 May in 2016.
The Ministry of Defence discharged 67 privates and handed them over to their parents on 23 June, 2017 after they were found to be minors when they joined the Tatmadaw.

Readiness for medical care
The Tatmadaw is running its mobile medical care operations providing health care to the people. The Defence Ministry’s mobile teams and mobile hospitals are prepared to provide medical care to the people when disasters occur.
From 16 November, 2017 to 4 January, 2018, the mobile medical teams administered medical care to over 17,200 patients.
From 29 March, 2017 to 21 January, 2018, the mobile medical team comprised of specialists and nurses provided health care to people living in Rakhine and Taninthayi coasts and on Coco Island and in Haigyikyun township.
From 1 April to 17 December, 2017, mobile medical teams of the Ministry of Defence provided health care to over 18,600 people in Labutta and Maubin in Ayeyawady Delta.
The Ministry of Defence also reestablished University Training Corps at universities starting in the 2012-2013 Academic Year, attracting 4,270 trainees.

Nay Pyi Taw Council
Nay Pyi Taw Council secretary U Sai Thawda Win said that during the first and second one-year periods, the council has conducted 2,823 works using Ks84.09 billion from the Union fund, Pyidaungsu Hluttaw development fund, Nay Pyi Taw Council fund and other regional programmes of donors for education, health, road/bridge, irrigation, ponds/tube wells, electrification and other regional development sectors.
During the second one-year period, the council has conducted 1,392 works using Ks42.46 billion in the seven sectors of education, health, road/bridge, irrigation, ponds/tube wells, electrification and other regional development.
In the education sector, 135 works in eight townships were conducted with Ks6.03 billion. Ninety-six schools were upgraded. Out of the 8,113 teacher positions, 7,414 teachers were being appointed by education year and the teacher/student ratios were 1 to 27 in high school and middle school level and 1 to 32 in primary levels.
In the health sector, 61 works were implemented with Ks2.73 billion. Four-hundred and sixty-nine doctors and 1,062 nurses were appointed and the doctor to population and nurse to population ratios were 1:2,348 and 1:1,033.
In the road/bridge sector, 361 works were implemented with Ks12.11 billion, while in the irrigation sector, 413 works were implemented with Ks11.36 billion. In addition, the upgrade of Sinthe Letwe canal was implemented with Ks3.39 billion in World Bank loans and once it is completed, 6,973 acres of land will be provided with sufficient irrigation water and an additional 523 acres of farmland will be provided with water.
In the electrification sector, 86 works were conducted with Ks4.27 billion and in the ponds/tube wells sector, 175 works were conducted with Ks1.45 billion. In the other regional development sector, 161 works were conducted with Ks4.48 billion.
In land management affairs, during the first one-year period, 23 farmers were permitted to use 58.55 acres of farmland for other matters, while in the second one-year period, five farmers were permitted to use 10.86 acres of farmland for other matters. Of the 35,075.580 acres of confiscated land, 378.920 acres were released back to the former owners.
In the Nay Pyi Taw Union Territory, sector-wise annual project targets were achieved and there was 6.4 per cent growth. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita in fiscal year 2017-2018 was Ks1,529,102 according to initial figures, and is planned to reach Ks1,693,652.
On the collection of various taxes, the target was exceeded and achieved a 103.61 per cent tax collection. One Stop Shops opened in eight townships of Nay Pyi Taw provided 32,721 service works in the first one-year period and 31,160 service works in the second one-year period.
There were 49 incidences of natural disasters and Ks40.25 million in assistance was provided.


By Han Hmwe, Lin Naing
(Myanmar News Agency)

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