CCTVs installed on 15 YBS lines

A CCTV unit is seen on the YBS bus.

According to the Yangon Region Public Transport Committee (YRTC), 15 passenger YBS lines operating in Yangon Region have been installed with CCTVs under the instructions of the Yangon Region government. As CCTVs have been fixed on 15 bus lines, whatever happened or what is happening on YBS vehicles will be able to be watched through the YBO Control Centre.
YRTC joint secretary U Lyan Cint Mang said that YRTC in collaboration with the police will be able to expose the cases of pickpocketing and robbery on YBS vehicles.
In addition to the installation of CCTVs, the telematics system has been also fitted on some bus lines. As a result, drivers can inform the YBO direct by pressing the SOS button.
YRTC is working to install the telematics system in all the remaining YBS passenger vehicles, an official said.
Passengers riding on YBS vehicles are also encouraged to contact YRTC if they find any unusual occurrence on the vehicle.
Currently, officials continue installing CCTVs on the remaining YBS vehicles on five YBS lines.
More than 3,200 YBS vehicles from 116 passenger YBS bus lines in Yangon Region are transporting about 1.4 million passengers daily. —TWA/KZW

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