Cement price rising in Yangon due to supply shortage

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Workers working with cement mixer used on construction site.  Photo: Phoe Khwar

Cement price is rising in Yangon due to lower imports from Thailand, according to local shops selling cement, brick, sand, and stone.
The construction materials shops are selling cement imported chiefly from Thailand. The price of cement has been on the rise as there have been lower supplies of cement from the neighboring country because of poor weather conditions.
“The price of cement usually increases by K100 or K200 whenever there is a shortage of supply from Thailand. Currently, the cement price has increased slightly,” said a local cement, brick, sand, and stone shop owner.
These days, building businesses have suspended construction activities on account of the monsoon. Earlier, cement cost K5,500 per bag, but now the price is ranging from K5,900-6,500 per bag.
“Our sales have been normal because we have regular customers. There are also some people who have purchased cement for minor repairs at home,” said a local cement shop owner.
The demand for construction materials depends on the number of apartments sold.—GNLM (Translated by Hay Mar)

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