Census of crocodiles conducted in Mainmahla island wildlife sanctuary

Myanmar has been paying attention to biodiversity conservation, including the establishment of nature reserves, sanctuaries, national parks, forest laws and regulations, wildlife protection and conservation laws.
To make conservation work more effective, patrols in the wilderness and animal and plant enumeration are being carried on a regular basis.
Four species of crocodiles have been found in Myanmar over the years, and for various reasons, three species are on the verge of extinction, and only one species, the saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus), are living naturally in mangroves in the Ayeyawady Region and some parts of Taninthayi Region.
Mainmahla Island Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a large number of saltwater crocodiles and is protected as a breeding ground.
A census of crocodiles in rivers and streams in the Sanctuary was carried out in November by 10 staff led by U Thant Zin (Forest Ranger) under the supervision of Sanctuary warden U Sai Wunna Kyi.

According to the census, 95 young crocodiles, 12 middle-aged ones, and eight adult crocodiles, altogether 115 crocodiles were recorded. Compared to the November 2020 census, there were 84 fewer in the young, one less in the adult and one more in the middle-aged. It is reported that the situation of the declining crocodile population from year to year will continue to be monitored.— Peinzaloke Thein Nyunt/GNLM

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