Central Committee on Monitoring and Prevention of 2019 Novel Coronavirus holds its daily coordination meeting (12/2020)

Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe addresses the central level meeting on monitoring and controlling Novel Coronavirus 2019 in Yangon yesterday. Photo: MNA
Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe addresses the central level meeting on monitoring and controlling Novel Coronavirus 2019 in Yangon yesterday. Photo: MNA

Union Minister for Health Dr Myint Htwe attended the central level meeting on monitoring and controlling Novel Coronavirus 2019 in Yangon yesterday.
The Union Minister in his speech said the inclusive efforts of the relevant departments have reached a certain level. The important measure is to provide quality treatment in real time in case an epidemic appears.
He said Waibagi Hospital is being provided with sufficient medicine and medical equipment for emergency treatment, with public donations and the allotted emergency State funds. The Chinese arrival at Yangon and Mandalay international airports have dropped drastically, as two planes landed at the two airports on 7 this month carried only 117 passengers.
The continuous monitory process is being carried out at the hotels they are staying in. Many foreign visitors stay at the homes they have booked in advance. So, awareness campaigns are being conducted at the wards where they are staying. Hotel staff must inform at nearest health department should they found any suspects.
The Chinese version health awareness pamphlets are being distributed at the place where Chinese tourists are staying. Applied research will be conducted to know whether the health awareness is reader-friendly and practically useful.
The Union Minister urged the health workers to step up their efforts for surveillance and to follow the instructions of the ministry in efforts for preventing the Coronavirus infection.
He also stressed the importance of carrying out a survey to achievements from the Coronavirus infection awareness through distributing the posters and pamphlets.
“Effective achievements can come from systematic sharing of duties among the social organizations, international local non-governmental organizations which are currently cooperating with each other,’ said the Union Minister, urging the region and state governments to supervise the tasks.
Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe has called on regional and state health authorities to report their challenges to the central committee within three days.
He also stressed the importance of avoiding stigmatization to the people from the country where the Coronavirus outbreak began.
As it is found that the risk of Coronavirus infection is higher than other infectious diseases, surveillance is the most important task to prevent the deadly virus infection, said the Union minister.
In his address, the Union Minister urged the public to understand the effectiveness of the quarantine, saying that quarantine is helpful for saving the life of an infected patient and for protecting the family members from the infection.
He urged the township-level health authorities to speed up dissemination of knowledge on Coronavirus by holding educative talks and raise awareness about the Coronavirus infection, in cooperation with departments concerned, in respective areas.
The Union minister said it is important to get assistance including medicines and medical equipment promised by the UN agencies and INGOs as soon as possible.
He also appreciated the video conferencing between the regional and state health authorities and the central committee.
Regarding the medical services at the hospitals, the Union minister asked the authorities to report the requirements at hospitals in border areas to the central body.
Following his address, the attendees of the meeting reviewed the updated situation, latest therapy, surveillance at international airports and border checkpoints, information from regions and states, health condition of the patients who are quarantined, stockpiling of medicines and medical equipment, and distribution.—MNA (Translated by Kyaw Zin Lin)

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