Central Epidemiology Unit reviews implementation of measures against COVID-19 in Rakhine State

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Central Epidemiology Unit discusses Rakhine State’s current COVID-19 situation in Nay Pyi Taw on 25 August.  Photo: MNA

Medical doctors health assistants and public health supervisors from Central Epidemiology Unit held a review meeting on implementation of COVID-19 prevention and control measures in Rakhine State yesterday morning in Nay Pyi Taw.
During the meeting, Union Minister Dr Myint Htwe said that the reason of increasing number of cases was that the patient tested positive on 16 August travelled and engaged with many people before she knew that she carried the virus; the infection is expected to be under control as Rakhine State government, NGOs, medical staff and the public are working together in this measure.
The central survey team needs to make the real-time analysis on disease, and the central unit will send supporting teams to the Rakhine State; medical tests will be conducted randomly among the communities with highly possible infections; preventive measures will be highlighted in IDP camps and the reception centres, he added.
Officials from Central Epidemiology Unit explained the review on the virus outbreak in Rakhine State, doing lab tests by two GeneXpert machines in Sittway Hospital and tracing the contacts of the COVID-19 patients.
The Directors from Central Epidemiology Unit, infectious pathologists, medical staff and public health supervisors suggested to revise “the definition of suspected patient” as per the symptoms found from the patients from 16 August to current day in accordance with the suggestions from WHO.
The Union Minister made suggestions on the discussions, saying that the officials will emphasize the suggestions of Central Epidemiological Unit which conducts sector-wise analysis regarding with control measures of COVID-19 in Rakhine State and the important facts will be delivered to the state head of Public Health and Medical Services Department and other officials.
He continued to say that the relevant region authorities should cooperate and make strong efforts to trace the contacts of COVID-19 patients, to ban people from going out Sittway and for lab tests.
He added that it needs to raise public health awareness by the use of loudspeakers at least five-time a day in the townships of Sittway and other places where reported new cases and the CEU should give suggestions depending on their findings and release a directive for prevention and control measures to state government, Social Affairs Minister and relevant officials.
The Union Minister also said the required medical aids will be provided to IDP camps and reception centres by opening a clinic systematically and it will also seek whether there would be suspected COVID-19 patients,
The public should inform to the officials if they find those who illegally enter the country and the illegal returnees from foreign countries into their places.—MNA  (Translated by Ei Pyhu Phyu Aung and Khine Thazin Han)

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