Central Myanmar farmers turn to CP maize


A growing number of farmers in central Myanmar, especially in Myingyan Township, have been growing maize from Thai multinational CP Group on a commercial scale for livestock feed.
Generally, three members of a family can grow one acre of maize on a manageable scale. The croplands can be used in cultivation of these plants three times a year.
A local farmer recounted his experiences on cultivation that “Cultivation of CP maize costs K75,000 per acre including expenses for seeds, ploughing, water supply and tractor fuel. The maize plot can yield 900 to 1,000 viss per acre. In the market, farmers can sell K350 per viss, so they can earn 350,000 per acre.”
He added, “By-products of maize plants can be used as foodstuff for cows. So they can earn surplus income from the stocks of plants.”
Zaw Min Naing (Myingyan)

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