Ceremony to make obeisance to elderly Deva experts to be held in Myanmar for the first time

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Spirit images used in Nat Festivals.

As the first time in Myanmar, a ceremony to make obeisance to elderly Deva experts will be held in Yangon and plans are underway to continue this tradition in coming years, according to the organizers of this ceremony.

Deva experts are spirit medium persons who communicate with spirits (Nat) and since they used to work with Myanmar orchestra, they were classified under the dramatic art and elderly spirit experts received obeisance together with other persons from various dramatic arts.

The first separate puja to elderly Deva experts will be held at the Sein Yaung Gyi monastery between Thamaing Myothit station and Kyoetkone station in Insein Township, Yangon, at 9am on 12 June.

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Spirit images used in Nat Festivals.

“In our Deva communication industry, we haven’t done obeisance ceremony to the elderly Deva experts. Other sectors made separate ceremonies. When we think about, we understand that we cannot hold it as a national level event. Such a big event will take time. What we want to do is to pay respect to Deva experts from across the nation. So, as a trial, we decided to celebrate it by cooperating among Deva experts in Yangon”, said a spirit medium among the organizers.

A total of more than K19 million donation was received and it can increase further at the event. There are 80 elderly Deva experts who are entitled to receive obeisance according to collected data from each township.

“We will offer K150,000 to each of them, totaling K 11 million. A single donor contributed all for location, event decorations and entertainment. Myanmar orchestra will be included. We expect that it will cost K 13 million. The remaining balance will be deposited to the bank. As the amount is large, we will form a committee after this event. After forming a committee, each member will take care of his assigned duties,” he said.

Htet Oo Maung/ZN

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