Change of mindset key to success in democratic reforms

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Myanmar has not become a complete democratic state yet. It is a country in its reforms to adopt a suitable democracy system. So, we need all-inclusive participation for the success of the reform process.
The objectives President U Win Myint explained at his meeting with officials of the administrative, legislative and judicial sectors, in fact, are the essence of his inaugural speech. As the instructions of the President are the essential needs of the democratic transition, the recent public meeting is a reiteration of those instructions.
“A vital requisite for the smoothness and success of the democratic transition is the change in the mindsets and habits of the people, government employees and civil servants. Tighter management is a mandatory for departments which lag behind in the reform process, whereas the judicial sector must be strengthened. We must combat corruption and protect human rights, while putting more energy in curbing narcotic drugs. We need proper management system to prevent loss of public funds. There must be a legal process to return the illegally seized land to the owners or provide them with compensation, said the President.”
We are effective in realizing some of the democratic reforms as guided by the President, but we are still facing hardships in some other sectors. In fact, we cannot achieve our aspired goal without changing the mindset and habits of the people, government employees and civil servants which is the most important and hardest part of the transition process.
Those persons should root out their dogmatic thoughts and beliefs through self-awareness and correct practices for the smoothness and success of the democratic transition. Amidst the immature transitional process, we have made significant progress that deserve recognition and praise. We also need substantial improvement in driving away those out-of-date ways and thoughts, and anyone who sticks to them must be removed or dismissed.
We can say that our reform process is on its correct way under the guidance of the President. As the reforms are towards the good of the country we all must partake in them out of our own volition. Only then will we be able to accelerate our speed towards a peaceful and developed democratic state.

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