Change our mindset for future prosperity of our country


Technological advancements are transforming the global economy today. The effects of this global transformation are being felt across our country, particularly our youth. We should prepare today to help our youth for their future which is paved with challenges and opportunities.
An important part of the solution is to equip today’s youth with an entrepreneurial mindset and related business skills to succeed at creating new businesses.
Our young entrepreneurs need to have a creative mindset and be able to see things from a new pespective.
Speaking at the 3rd Myanmar Entrepreneurship Summit on Friday in Nay Pyi Taw, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi urged young entrepreneurs to do things that other countries haven’t attempted yet and to adopt a different mindset ‘that envisages not only for their benefit but also for the economic development of our country.
Businesspeople in other countries only focus on business endeavours because they think it is the main drive for economic development.
Don’t think that this is not relevant to our times. Think of it as something ahead of our time. It is certainly not old-fashioned.
Businesses cannot stand by themselves. Supportive government policies and initiatives can help create a favourable environment for development of businesses.
Government investment in business and vocational education programs, tax policies that incentivize business investment and capital formation are helpful foundations.
But the real onus for success in a primarily free-market economy to develop the next generation’s skills must lie with the business community.
The Union government and the business community need to work together for national development and the security and peace of mind of every citizen. Our people are urged to imporve their mental capacities so that they will cooperate more with each other. This is essential in both the education sphere and the business community.
Everyone should cultivate a mindset that encourages working for the benefit of other people as it will have a reciprocal effect on your own development too.
We have to think of long-term sustainability and not just the short-term. We cannot think for the benefit of one month, one year or even one election period. Most politicians think only as far as the next election but some politicians think about the next generation. Our young entrepreneurs are urged to have a mindset of thinking about the next generation.
We do believe the future prosperity of our country and our youth is dependent on how we change our behaviour today.

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