Change is the law of life.
           A Universal Saying
[dropcap font=”0″]L[/dropcap]et us try to penetrate into the meaning of change in the following way:

    C for Catalyst for Change
    H for Hope for a Better Future
    A for Action Plan
    N for New & Better Ways of Doing Things
    G for Goal
    E for Excelling in Creating Innovation

Life is always in a flux. Everything is impermanent. So, life is a process of changes. As all the phenomena are subject to the natural law of impermanence, life is like riding a series of waves.
In the face of changes, there are many kinds of responses to changing circumstances. Among them, the following are the typical responses to change:
* Ignoring the change
* Reacting to change
* Anticipating opportunities to take advantages of change
Those who believe and practice the third type of response to change is called Change Catalysts. They are not adverse to Change. They adapt to the changing circumstances. They seek and seize opportunities from changes in the environment such as:
* Political Changes
* Economic Changes
* Socio-Cultural Changes
* Technological Changes
* Ecological Changes
* Educational Changes
* Legal Changes

Any kind of change that we have to face should be made to be a harbinger of an improved, better future. Life is never static. Life is dynamic. So, we have got to be dynamic in our vision for the future and we must make sure that we have a dynamic strategy to successfully deal with the changing circumstances. Strategically, we must get ourselves ready to ride out the waves of change, and tactically make every move to preserve ourselves and to prevail over the changing circumstances. We have got to dare to combat the changing conditions and also to dare to win over the obstacles. We must dare to triumphantly travel the changing journey with resourcefulness and tactfulness and dare to reach our coveted destination.

It is said:     “ Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”,
“Plan Your Work, and Work Your Plan”,
“Prior Purposeful Planning Plus Proactive Preparations Promote Peak Performance”.
Action Plan must be effective, meaning the Right things must be done; and implementation of the Action Plan must be efficient, meaning the things must be done Right (in the right way.). Without an effective Action Plan, we are liable to grope in the dark.

We all are destined to be getting old getting old in body at least. Getting old physically is inevitable. But, we should not allow ourselves to get old in spirit and in heart. We should always be fresh and rejuvenated in moods, feelings and emotions. We should be emotionally strong, stable and sound. With an emotionally and mentally transformed attitude, we should constantly practice renewal in our thoughts, ideas, vision, strategy, tactics and day to day activities. We should always be looking forward to finding and using new and better ways of doing things.
Children, idiots and simpletons are excused from adopting and keeping goals in their lives. All sober, sane adults should have goals in their lives. For example, we should ask ourselves in the following manner:
* What do we want in our lives?
* What business are we in?
* What sort of job do we do?
* Where are we now?
* Where do we want to be?
* How can we get where we want to be?
* Which is the best way?
We should very carefully ask ourselves the above questions and seek the appropriate goals in our lives.

Just as life itself is always changing, we should also change our mindsets appropriately. It will never work to be obstinate, dogmatic, narrow-minded, and myopic in our world outlook. We should focus on something and drive, strive, thrive, and revive in creating new and better ideas, and also in producing innovative processes, products and services. Without being creative and innovative, we cannot survive in the competitive world of meeting/exceeding people’s needs, wants and expectations. Just remember: “Innovate or die”.

The world is ever changing. Life is always in transformation. Everything is impermanent. All are temporary in their existence. So, we have got to be relevant, adaptable, flexible and pliant in our mindset to be able to flow with the currents of change, or ride out the waves of Change.

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