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Character means: Distinguishing quality or qualities; mental or moral strengths; reputation.
Character is what you are
The meaning of character can be analytically considered in the following way:
C    for    Conscience
H    for    Honour
A    for    Attitude
R    for    Responsibility
A    for    Accountability
C    for    Caring
T    for    Temperament
E    for    Empathy
R    for    Relationships
Conscience means moral sense of right and wrong, especially as affecting person’s behavior. A person of good, upright character will never think or say or do against his or her conscience. He or she is very likely to uphold the principles of: “Do unto others as you would be done by,” or “As you sow, so shall you reap.”
Honour means good personal character; reputation (for good behavior, loyalty, truthfulness, etc.). A person of reputable character will always respect, uphold and protect his or her honour. Honour must be paid to those to whom hour is due. Respecting one’s own honour is the highest self-esteem.
Attitude is your way of feeling, thinking or behaving. People of strong character usually have positive, right attitude towards others. They are authentic, reliable and constructive in their attitude to their jobs, to their relationships and to their life. In their relation with others, they have a soft heart, a protective hand and a firm mind.
Man of solid character usually takes responsibility for their jobs, relationships and lives. They take charge of their duties with due diligence. They are willing to go beyond the call of duty. With respect to their responsibility, a man of character usually has a positive mental attitude, can-do-spirit, the habit of going the extra mile and the bulldog tenacity of purpose. They are usually proactive in their attitude.
Accountability means taking responsibility for the effects of your actions and willing to explain or be criticized for them. Accountability goes in combination with responsibility and transparency. A man of character always stands up for his actions and assumes responsibility for better or for worse.
Someone who is caring thinks about what other people need or would like, and tries to help them. Caring and sharing is an integral part of a person of sterling character. A person of noble character cares for the prevalence of peace, truth, beauty and love.
Temperament means a person’s disposition or nature, especially as it affects his or her way of thinking, feeling and behaving. A person of robust character usually has a good, positive temperament. He or she has patience, consideration, forbearance and forgiveness as personal characteristics.
Empathy means the ability to understand other people’s feelings and problems. Empathy also means the power of identifying oneself mentally with person or object of contemplation. A person of superb character usually has the habit of putting himself or herself in another person’s shoes. He or she has consideration on the one hand and courage on the other so as to attain a position of win-win situation.
A person of strong character gives other people respect and regards them as follow beings. He or she has a natural tendency to associate with them and to enjoy their companionship. He or she has natural, personal social responsibility for other people, especially for the haves-less. He or she is a people-person.
Character is the manifestation of one’s whole life. If character is reinforced by Competence, Commitment, Courage and Conviction, such a character will become a compelling companion or an unbeatable opponent.


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