Check, recheck and countercheck plans

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By Aung Khin

When we set plans in motion, we often do so with a fixed route toward our goal. However, we need to review and preview the plan we choose. We cannot definitely foresee all possible issues along the way. Some matters may come up while we are implementing our plans. Therefore, we need to check, recheck and countercheck as much as possible what we are doing.
Before we construct a highway we can choose the most appropriate routes to ensure less impact on the environment. This is suitable for only the infrastructural sector. Nevertheless, when the plans and the goals are related to social matters, we need to choose a more flexible approach.
Although we have set the rules and practices to reach the goal, we are sometimes required to adjust our activities in relation with emerging issues to avoid setbacks. We cannot apply the same processes as we would when physically constructing something. We need to consider social matters.
Flexibility cannot be defined as cowardice or the lack of determined effort. We should conquer milestones through understanding and consideration of existing situations.
Obstinate refusal to meet actual conditions cannot bear fruit. Plans on a destination should be counterbalanced by reality. Efforts should be checked, rechecked and counterchecked, like looking at oneself in the mirror. Even when we are driving a car, we also need to check the rear-view mirror and wing mirrors to safely reach our destination.

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