Cheered to the echo

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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself, so said Leo Tolstoy. For some peculiar reason, people tend to be consumed with anxiety when faced with change. Typically, we entertain some suspicion when we come face-to-face with things foreign to us. It is through confidence that anxiety is overcome.
Granted that history repeats itself, we all need to develop a strong sense of history to make correct judgement of the past and avoid drawing wrong conclusions. This highlights that an understanding of the past can save us from possible missteps in the future.
For the success of the hard-won democracy, the entire national brethren must stand united in the effort to destroy its weeds. Unfortunately, there are people who still feel reluctant to embrace change and believe in
true democracy. In other words, a general apathy toward politics remains rife as a direct consequence of despotic rule.
At this crucial moment, people from all the ethnic communities are required to overcome their political apathy and decide to advance on the road to democracy. Just as the 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference has initially been scheduled for August, all the armed groups must prepare themselves to develop a sense of oneness to achieve national reconciliation. After all, the best legacy we should pass down to the new generation is none but lasting peace and prosperity. No doubt the ordinary people will cheer all the stakeholders to the echo in recognition of their extraordinary accomplishments in the restoration of peace and the success of democracy.

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