Chick-pea cultivation succeeds in U Yin Zin village, Minbu (Sagu)

The local farmers from U Yin Zin village, Minbu (Sagu) township are growing chick-pea and they are successful in cultivation, according to the chick-pea growers.

There are a total of 60,534.66 acres of farmland in 150 villages from 68 village-tracts in Minbu (Sagu) township. The local villagers are being engaged mainly in the agriculture business. Farmers from some villages are using the farmlands as the garden plots and growing some long-term crops such as mango, Sterculia Versicolor Wall (locally called Say Kalama) and Thanaka and they are also raising cow, pig, sheep, goat and chicken.

“The farmers from U Yin Zin village are carrying out farming business relying upon the Mong dam and underground water. We are successfully growing chick-pea, black bean, green gram even it is in the tropical region. It doesn’t matter even if the cultivation is late. The crops yield usually in March,” said U Tun Myint, a chick-pea grower from U Yin Zin village.

The villagers from U Yin Zin village are growing onion, garlic, tomato, peanut, maize, coriander, bottle gourd, eggplant and chick-pea. The chick-peas are currently priced at K30,000 per basket and there is a good yield. — Zeyar Htet (Minbu)/GNLM

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