Chief Minister of Ayeyawady Region outlines boosting production of crops


The Ayeyawady Region government plans to open a development bank for local farmers, Chief Minister of Ayeyawady Region U Thein Aung told local residents at Dambi Station, Hinthada Township on 9 April.
He explained that a 100-acre model plot will be designated for cultivation of paddy at the station, as modern agricultural machinery can be used to minimize loss and waste in cultivation and production of crops.
Region Minister for Development Affairs U Kyaw Win Naing handed over citizenship scrutiny cards delivered by the Immigration and National Registration Department to local residents of Dambi Station. Region Minister for Commerce U Hla Khaing presented a certificate of honour to Hinthada Township through officials for its repayment of agricultural loans to Myanma Agricultural Development Bank.
Local residents reported on development tasks in education, health, agriculture and construction sectors.–Kyaw Kyaw (Hinthada)

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