Childhood should include play as well as study

Myint Win Thein

There is a saying that goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” which means children should not only learn everything that adults consider important, but also should be allowed to enjoy their own childhood. Many parents cannot comprehend that their children have their own lives and choices. Their lifestyle is quite different from their mothers and fathers, as the world is changing very rapidly.
Today, many children are losing their own birthrights to play as they are forced to excel in education in competition against their peers. As a result, children, even before they are too young to be eligible for Kindergarten, are forced to study the alphabet of their mother tongue and, at least one international language. It is time for children to dance to children’s music and play with their friends. Unfortunately, many parents do not understand that they are robbing their children of a happy childhood.
Therefore, parents should not force their expectations on their children. Parents think that they do not need to learn anything anymore and spend their lives happily, singing at Karaoke lounges and at the same time forcing their children to excel at school. In fact, adults should read as much as they can while children should play, sing and dance.
We should remember many innocent poems for children written by our poet laureate and great grand father Saya Min Thu Won, such as July, August Rains and Floods,
Let’s us pick ripe Thapyay fruits’
Among the thorny bushes, Dark-black leeches are ready to suck blood, which can be sung as well as read like a poem.

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