Chili plantations flourish in Seikpyu on back of high prices

With the Seikpyu Township Forest Department carrying out teak and chili plantation in Kazunma forest area on the Seikpyu-Saw-Kanpetlet road in Magway Region, chili growers in Seikpyu Township said they are earning a good income due to chilis fetching a high price in the market.

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Chili plantation in Seikpyu Township.  Photo: Soe Lin Naing (IPRD)

The shifting cultivation project began in Seikpyu Township in 2008, and growers have earned good profits from the project. Apart from teak, growers are cultivating other crops, including paddy, various kinds of beans, castor plant, and chili. The growers are also earning their living through farming and pursuing other careers.
Among the different plantations in Seikpyu Township, the cultivation of chili has been the most successful. The retail price of fresh chili is K5,000 per viss (one viss equals 1.6 kg) at present, while the wholesale price is set at K4,000 per viss.
Chilis are cultivated in the rainy season.
Growers can earn K32,000 per month from chili plantations. Chilis have to be plucked twice a month, with yields ranging between 35 and 45 viss per harvest. Growers can earn a living although the production of chilis normally reduces in the summer season. Residents of Magway Region are likely to purchase chilis because pesticides are not used in those plantations. —Soe Lin Naing (IPRD)
(Translated by La Wonn)

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