Chilli growers earn high profit

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Workers harvest chillies at a farm in Ngathayauk Township, Mandalay Region in Janaury 2019.  Photo: Ko Htein (Ngathayauk)

With chilli grown on a commercial scale in Myinmu township, the local chilli growers are earning a good income, according to the local chilli growers.
“The chilli plants are mostly grown with two or three feet away from one another. Around 7,000 plants of chilli can be grown in an acre of land. The chillies have to be plucked after two months, and it can be plucked twice a month. The oldest chilli plants can produce more chilli. For the first time, the chilli can yield around 200 visses (one viss equals 1.6 kg). The retail price of fresh chilli is K1,600 per viss in the market. So, the growers can earn over K300,000 per acre from chilli plantations. If there is some space to grow the plants, the local people should grow the chilli plants,” said U Hla Myint, a chilli grower from Myinmu township.
The cultivation of chilli costs K600,000 per acre. Each chilli plant can be picked up 14 times. Monywa merchants come to buy the chilli right on the chilli fields. So, the chilli is one of the best crops to grow recently. —Aung Soe Phay (Myinmu) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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