Chin Hill apple market struggling this year

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Chin State apples had a poor yield this season due to inadequate planting practices, according to a report from Myanmar Alin Daily today.
“In Chin State, we cultivated ten species of apples,” said U Doh Za Nang, an apple orchard owner in Tiddim Township. ”Previously, local people cultivated the green apples mostly. Now, we found other varieties of apples in the market. The high quality apples which are cultivated in Chin State are Aik Wah apples and Ruby apples.”
Apples are cultivated mostly in Tiddim Township, Chin State.
Chin’s mountains make its orchards relatively inaccessible and make technical assistance programs difficult to implement. Chin growers say they also need access to more up-to-date, more popular apples.
Apples are cultivated mostly in Haka, Falam and Tiddim townships. Apples from Tiddim township are shipped over the Indian border to Mizoram State. Apples are also transported to communities in Myanmar along the Chindwin River.



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