Chin Progressive Party presents its policy, stance and work program

U Shein Tun , Secretary-General of Chin Progressive Party.
U Shein Tun , Secretary-General of Chin Progressive Party.

Secretary-General of the Chin Progressive Party U Shein Tun has presented the party’s policy, stance, work programme and other issues from radio and television on 7 September.

Following is a translation of the presentation:

The political policy of the Chin Progressive Party is based on Social Liberal Democracy.
The aspiration of the Chin Progressive Party for its administration structure is federal democratic system based on self-determination and equality.
The political roadmap of the Chin Progressive Party is laid on equality and impartiality, and its approach towards federal administrative system is built on constructive engagement.
The definition of social democracy under the Chin Progressive Party has three values. They are liberal, equality, and constitutionalism. It upholds the actual application and customary practice in accordance with the constitution.
Under the term of social democracy, it places high values on citizens, politics, social, economy, culture and literature, with focus on social welfare rights in the building of the nation.
In the broader sense of social democracy, besides accepting the basic rights, politics, social, economic, culture of the citizens, it places diversity under lofty value. Matters and diverse issues are to be arranged and managed under the administration perspective, thus paving the way for resource management and reasonable state financial budgeting and allocation.
The social security will be based on social welfare with the intent for basic freedom of citizens and their rights.
Furthermore, social democratic market economy means a coordinated market economy that is vital in democracy process needed for the human society with firm and sound foundation structure.
With regards to liberal democracy, the term ‘liberal’ derives and develops from the Latin word independent. The true meaning of liberal is the rule of law, where human rights is being valued. Therefore, the liberty and political independence of the citizens are based as the core. In other words, the term liberal means the policy where the human rights are being valued. With regards to the word independent, it means the independence of each and every individual.
When we talk about each and every individual, it involves the political ideology of citizens.
In general terms, even if there is no antagonism with one another in the community, the preference and inclination of the State may possibly have different independent policy approach. However, when the Chin Progressive Party is talking about social liberal democracy, the State or the government is in no way to intervene, to limit, or to restrict the rights of the people.
It is a system that the party aspired, where equal rights are the central part and core, that the government authorities could not intervene among the citizens, and the inborn rights could never be encroached.
Another factor is that the Chin Progressive Party upholds high value on equality in terms of political status, especially the inborn rights such as the right to life, the right to liberty, and the right to property.
When referring the term liberal, it means the individual liberty including the property liberty and ownership, and the right to life.
Similarly, the party is strongly desirous to create the freedom of speech, the freedom of publishing, the freedom of belief, and the freedom of association.
With regards to the term ‘constitution’, the Chin Progressive Party believes that the constitution is the contract or agreement between the instrument and the people. In plain words, the government declares that the administrative pillar will govern the people in a way that the people will accept and the people approve it and ask the administration not to go beyond what is agreed upon. This is a constitution that contains checks and balances. The party is desirous to have checks and balances style of constitution.
Furthermore, when it comes to the governing of the whole human society, our aspiration and objective is that the constitution should be the soul of all the people in the broadest term of federalism.
Therefore, the constitution is regarded as the most important document that safeguards and defends the liberty and the ownership of the citizens, a bond between the government and the people.
In conclusion, it is my pleasure and honor to present the view of the Chin Progressive Party, that a constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents containing freedom and fairness, and that the constitution is very much vital, essential and fundamental.

Thank you very much.

Translated by UMT (HK)

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