Chin State gov’t to take action against those carrying unlicensed firearms

Zomi Guns 5By Zohaysar
The Chin State government intends to enforce the laws against carrying illegal firearms as wildlife animals are on the verge of extinction from excessive hunting across the state.
In Chin State, individuals are permitted to carry licensed firearms. Most of the guns are hand-made, especially for hunting. Some villages include shooting as part of their funerary customs. According to Chin tradition, a gun is considered part of one’s heritage.

“Wildlife conservation is a must in the state, and we need to control carrying guns,” said an official from Chin State government. Those who carry unlicensed guns will receive a seven-year prison sentence, and their guns will be held by the department concerned. The Chin State government has already released an official warning.
The Chin people use guns for hunting, primarily a male activity. They regard hunted animals with pride. Some proudly display their hunting trophies on stone pillars. Guns used for hunting are single or double barreled shotguns.

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