Chin State tangerines fetch good price despite low yield

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Organic tangerines produced in Chin State are fetching a high price during the harvest season.
The price of tangerines is ranging from K200-500 per fruit, depending on the size.
In Kalay market, the price stands at K2,000 for ten small tangerines. For the larger tangerines, the price is ranging between K3,000 and K5,000.
Tonzang and Tiddim townships are the main producers of tangerines in Chin State. Tangerines from the townships are sent to the Myanmar-India border market – Tamu – and the Kalay-Monywa market. Buyers prefer organic tangerines to those cultivated using chemical fertilizers. “I have more than 400 tangerine trees in my farm. The yield is not good every year. This year, the yield drop is attributed to high rainfall and some pest danger. Last year, 25,000-30,000 tangerines were produced on my farm. This year, the yield drastically plummeted to 5,000,” said a tangerine farm owner from Tongzang Township.
“Chin State’s tangerine farms are a traditional business, lacking advanced technology and chemical treatment. We use only natural fertilizers for cultivation. It gives us an advantage in the market,” he added.—Zo Hay Hsar (Translated by EMM)

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