China-Myanmar border checkpoints to extend opening times for faster trade flow

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Picture shows a lorry at a border checkpoint between Myanmar and China. Photo: Salai Ven Ro Htam (IPRD)

Two main border checkpoints (Mant Wyint and Kyin San Kyawt) between China and Myanmar will extend opening times to speed up the trade flow delayed by the COVID- 19 pandemic, according to the Muse-Namkham Merchant Association in Muse town.
With the extension of the opening hours, the related department led by U Hlaing Thant Oo, the district administrators, the chairman of Muse District Management Team, and the Muse-Namkham border trader association officials and Muse border trade association conducted informal meetings together with the officials from China. Then, they have reached an agreement to extend the opening time.
“The border authorities’ requirements from the Myanmar side are not fulfilled yet by the China side, although the latter has agreed to extend the opening time. That is the reason why we cannot implement it, however.
“The Mant Wyint bilateral checkpoint will extend the opening time to 24 hours and Kyin San Kyawt checkpoint will follow suit. Suppose the border checkpoints can successfully extend the opening times as agreed by the two countries. In that case, both countries could speed up current bilateral trade flow doubly,” said Chairman U Sai Nom of the Muse-Namkham Merchant Association.
The Mant Wyint checkpoint is open until 9 pm, and Kyin San Kyawt crossing is open till 6 pm. If it is necessary to speed up the trade flow between the two countries, Sin Phyu and Wan Ding land borders will be reopened.
“The Wan Ding border crossing from Pan Sai (Kyukok) is opened as agreed. Regarding the extension of the border opening time, Myanmar trader brotherhood associations have made preparations,” said U Sai Nom.— Salai Ven Ro Htam (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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