Chinese Culture Centre holds green tea art campaign

Ms Cao Jing, Minister-Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy to Myanmar, emphasized the essence of Chinese green tea art as “concord”, representing harmony, cooperation, and peace during the opening ceremony of the tea campaign held at the Chinese Culture Centre in Yangon on 1 August.
The rich green tea culture in China dates back thousands of years, with tea leaves being exported to various parts of the world. Myanmar also widely embraces tea culture, and the exchange of tea traditions between China and Myanmar enhances the social life of both nations.
In recognition of its significance, in 2022, the rituals related to traditional Chinese tea science were listed as a representative of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.
Rector Dr Kay Thi Htwe of the National University of Arts and Culture, Yangon, that nurturing cultural and tourism relations between China and Myanmar through the medium of tea culture can lead to industry expansion and mutual growth.
Yunnan Province, renowned for its early tea cultivation and consumption in China, acts as a vital bridge for cultural and commercial exchanges with Southeast Asian countries, including Myanmar.
The tea campaign showcased various aspects of Yunnan’s unique culture, including ethnic costumes, Yunnan Black Tea, the traditional three-course tea-making process, the art of dyed flowers by the Bai people, Yi people’s paper art, embroidery, and Yunnan’s captivating traditional singing and dancing. The event proved to be an engaging celebration of the longstanding cultural connection between China and Myanmar. — TWA/CT

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