Chinese drivers to bring back Myanmar watermelon on unloading goods

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Among the Sino-Myanmar land borders, Kyinsankyawt crossing resumed operations on 26 November.

Myanmar watermelon will be transported to China through the trucks of Chinese drivers when they unload their goods in Myanmar, said Sai Khin Maung from the Khwanyo Fruit Warehouse.
There are about 70 trucks that arrive in the Muse 105 mile. About 20 to 30 trucks load of watermelon will be brought to China via Chinese trucks after they unload their goods in Myanmar.
“About 70 trucks of watermelon are stuck in Muse. Those watermelons will be delivered to China. On a trial run of the border post, one container carrying watermelons has been sent to China. The remaining is to be gradually shipped. After three or four days later, all of them will be placed in China’s market. Chinese truck drivers will carry the watermelon on board when they get back,” Sai Khin Maung stated.
Starting from 26 September, the Kyinsankyawt border post between Myanmar and China has reopened on a trial run. Myanmar’s goods weighing five containers can be delivered to China then.
On 27 November, two truckloads of watermelon were put into a container and sent to China.
“The freight charges will become higher. It is likely to face delay. If watermelons are stockpiled in the border, it will cause negative consequences,” Sai Khin Maung continued.
The transport charges are two times higher than the previous rate, he added.
Transport charges were around K800,000 to one million, whereas it costs approximately K2 million for now.
Traders cannot expect trade facilitation according to the changes in China’s policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. If the restrictions are eased and negotiation goes smooth, the trade will go back to normality.
The land borders next to the Muse checkpoint are Nantaw, Sinphyu, Mang Wein, Kyinsankyawt-Wamding and Panseng-Wamding.
China has closed down the remaining border posts (Kyinsankyawt, Wamding) from 8 July 2021 following COVID-19 cases in Myanmar.
On 30 March, Mang Wein, which is a major border crossing between Muse and Kyalgaung areas, was suspended owing to the COVID-19 cases. On 1 April, Nantaw and Sinphyu land borders were suspended operations. As a result of this, the border trade between Myanmar and China was completely halted.
Among the Sino-Myanmar land borders, Kyinsankyawt crossing resumed operations on 26 November. — NN/GNLM

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