Chinese media arrives in Sittway

A media group from China arrived in Sittway last night to gather information on the 25 August extremist terrorist attacks by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) that occurred in Maungtaw Township, Rakhine State.
The Chinese media group included six journalists from the People’s Daily, China Radio International and Phoenix TV (Hong Kong). They were accompanied by officials from Ministry of Information. They will gather information in the Maungtaw area from 22 to 23 September.
Local and foreign media, including independent journalists, have been allowed to visit northern Rakhine State five previous times, the first time on 19 to 22 December, 2016 and the fifth time on 6 to 8 September, 2017. The visit of the Chinese media group is the third visit allowed since the 25 August ARSA terrorist attack.
The visit of Chinese media began some days after Myanmar protestors at home and abroad held peaceful demonstrations against the proliferation of false news on the situation in Rakhine State, where dozens of border police outposts were attacked on 25 August.
The protestors also said they opposed campaigners , lobbyists and the media for turning what they see as a migration issue into a refugee and religious crisis.
The protestors in London on 15 September sent a letter to Foreign Secretary Mr. Johnson, pointing out that the Foreign Secretary’s opinion does not represent a fair view of the Rakhine issue and diminishes the Arakanese people who have suffered equally in the same environment.
The government has recently said that it has been working on the issue as a top priority and have formed a dedicated committee to implement Dr Kofi Annan’s recommendations.—Myanmar News Agency

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