Chinshwehaw border trade value reaches US$52.455 mln in January

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The photo shows a signboard of the Chinshwehaw border trade camp.

Myanmar conducted trade worth US$52.455 million with neighbouring countries through the Chinshwehaw border in January 2023, statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce indicated.
Myanmar conveyed exports worth $27.245 million and imports worth $25.21 million in January 2023, totalling $52.455 million.
The country aimed to achieve a trade target of $44 million comprising exports worth $35 million and imports worth $9 million.
The figures showed an increase of $12.596 million in exports and $22.404 million in imports last month compared to the corresponding period last year. The trade value was up by $35 million from the year-ago period.
Exports of fishery products and forest products dropped in January 2023 compared to January last year, whereas export value in broken rice, kidney bean, rice bean, peanut, red bean, brown sesame, black sesame, white sesame, corn, sugarcane, fresh ginger, fresh chilli pepper and corn cake increased last month.
Imports of capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods also showed an increase from the year-ago period.
The trade value at the Chinshwehaw border increased by $10.016 million in January 2023 against that of December 2022, indicating a significant increase of $8.946 million in imports and $1.07 million in exports.
The agricultural produce exports including broken rice, black-eyed pea, green gram, kidney bean, rice bean, peanut, red bean, sesame, sugarcane, corn, fresh chilli pepper, fresh ginger and cotton rose last month compared to that of December 2022. — TWA/EM

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