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Chinshwehaw border trade values surpass target in April 2023


The cross-border trade value of Myanmar’s Chinshwehaw border with the neighbouring country China exceeded its target in April 2023.
The Chinshwehaw border aimed to achieve a US$25 million trade target in April 2023, comprising exports worth $14 million and imports valued at $11 million. The border saw total trade value worth $48.755 million including $10.57 million in exports and $38.185 million in imports, the Global New Light of Myanmar cited the Ministry of Commerce’s news report posted online.
Additionally, the trade value grew by $37.768 million compared with that in the corresponding period last year, showing an increase of $5.995 million in exports and $31.773 million in imports.
The exports of broken rice, corn, black-eyed pea, green gram, kidney bean, peanut, butter bean, sesame seed, dried tea leaf, millet, dried gooseberry, fresh ginger, raw rubber, chilli pepper, dried yam, cotton, onion, castor oil, mineral and ore mineral and Myanmar beer cans increased last month against that in the year-ago period.
Meanwhile, imports of capital goods, intermediate goods and consumer goods also rose in April 2023. Myanmar’s border trade with China through Chinshwehaw returned to normalcy. Exports significantly grew in the Q2 of the last financial year 2022-2023. — KK

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