Choose quality and safe products for health and fitness

People use foodstuffs and consumer products essential for their daily routine. In choosing the products they like people need to take care of low-quality products without too much emphasizing the cheap prices of goods.
The people totally relied on goods manufacturers. They chose the products but missed chances to check the quality of products. If they used low-quality and unauthentic goods, they would face loss and bad consequences in health conditions.
As such, it is essential for daily consumption of products such as foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, cosmetics, and consumer goods. In this regard, the safety of goods, authentic products, quality items and potent ones are of great importance in the daily consumption of the people. Hence, the Department of Food and Drug Administration carries out supervision for enabling people to safely consume quality and safe products.
Manufacturers and businesspersons need to strictly abide by the prescribed laws, orders and directives. If not, the FDA takes action against those offenders under the law in cooperation with relevant departments.
Moreover, the FDA inspects the ingredients of products, authentic raw materials, number of dyes and chemicals, Aflatoxins and other toxics, raw materials and quality of edible oil in the goods. Producers need to label the recommendations of relevant departments on the products. Hence, consumers need to check the products and whether the labels are put on them.
The Department of Food and Drug Administration was established on 1 August 2013 under the Ministry of Health. It is formed with Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon and Mandalay branches in addition to 12 region and state offices, 33 district offices and sections at 13 border trade camps in order to perform inspections of products on a wider scale for giving a helping hand to the people so as to safely consume foodstuffs and personal goods on a daily basis.
Laboratories of the department are functioning the tests for contents of mercury and lead in the products at the laboratories, laboratory tests for active pharmaceutical ingredients in drugs, use of dyes in foodstuffs, quality of consumer products, and the content of saturated and unsaturated oils in the current market.
Truly, healthy and fit people are the most important in building a modern nation. To be able to have health and fitness, the people need to have a wider scope of knowledge in choosing the quality and safe products for their daily consumption and to inform relevant departments about low quality and unsafe products for the interests of the entire people.

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